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Topics to show perfect arguments

Prompts on how to choose the finest arguments for this essay!

In everyday life, we prove our thoughts and ideas every day to make others see the subject from our perspective. You have to do exactly the same in an argumentative essay – set your position on a particular topic and after that, persuade readers that your position is correct. You have to examine every side of this subject to provide a thorough analysis. After that, your task is to collect reliable evidence, solid facts, necessary statistics and relevant details in order to demonstrate the reliability of your research. This assignment is useful when professors want to check your writing skills and ability to use arguments supported by relevant examples. This essay type is similar to the expository essay, samples of which can be found on our Website.

This essay type is rich in diverse topics from different fields but, to begin with, choose the topic, which is familiar to you. This can be an issue connected with certain events in your life which had an impact on you. Make your essay personal, emotional and creative – this will show your passion and interest in the subject. At the same time, your research has to be profound and detailed so use a lot of reliable recourses.

The structure of this essay consists of three major parts: the introduction, main body, and conclusions. Use your introduction paragraph to provide an explanation of the significance of the issue and present a thesis statement. Each paragraph of the main body should include only one main idea with relevant supportive statistics, facts, and evidence to clarify the development of the arguments. It’s important to demonstrate logical progression between paragraphs so feel free to use suitable transition words. Conclusions are of primary importance as they leave the long-lasting impression on the readers. Your conclusions are to be effective, brief, logical, and synthesize the ideas previously mentioned in the main body.

List of possible topics for an argumentative essay.

If you need a trigger to begin your writing process, then you can make use of our list of topics which we prepared to assist you with argumentative essays.

  1. Video games have negative effects on children.
  2. The use of animals for tests is unjustified.
  3. Internet security: myth or truth.
  4. Smoking in public places must be forbidden.
  5. Violence on TV can cause violence at home.
  6. Homeschooling provides better education.
  7. Forests destruction is a critical issue for our planet.
  8. Electric cars can prevent global pollution.
  9. How media influences the way men and women perceive their bodies?
  10. Diet is not the answer for overweight.
  11. Teenagers are pressured to go to college.
  12. Immigrants need to have more rights.
  13. A dress code at work: necessity or remnants of the past.
  14. Online communication dangers.
  15. Careless consuming – death of our planet.
  16. Volunteering work – how to learn to love people.
  17. Freedom of speech vs. hate speech. How to preserve the first while banning the latter.
  18. The death penalty should be eliminated.
  19. Cigarettes can provoke addiction.
  20. Usage of medical marijuana is legal and justified.
  21. Alcohol commercials increase drinking rates.
  22. Should parents monitor their children’s internet use?
  23. Extra-curricular activities increase career prospects.
  24. Job applicants should be judged by their social network profiles.
  25. Innovations make people lazy.
  26. Online shopping has more benefits than traditional malls.
  27. People are too addicted to their mobile phones.
  28. Sharing personal information in social networks is safe.
  29. Bicycles are better than cars.
  30. Religion can fight drug addiction.

By making the use of these topics, you can generate your own outstanding argumentative essay. The art of convincing people is a complicated skill to acquire which demands a lot of research, preparation, and analytical abilities. If you struggle to create this type of essay on your own, our service can provide you necessary writing assistance. Our company is a leading custom writing service which principal aim is to satisfy the needs of every client. Our specialists are proven to be masters in writing of various academic papers from essays to research papers. So if you won’t mind professional support, submit an order, and we will contact you in a wink!

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