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How to illustrate various reasons and their results?

Everything in this life has its reasons and results – as a student, you should be able to show on paper that you can distinguish these two notions. For college students cause and effect essay is a typical task – you will meet this task among your writing assignments. The main aim of this essay type is to show how events, situations, decisions, trends can lead to specific results in the future. To write such an essay, you have to create an outline which will show how one particular action or event can lead to certain effects. Our writing service provides various prompts and tips on how to deliver a decent cause and effect essay.

“How many causes and effects should I indicate?”

There are several types of cause and effect essays. Firstly, your task can be to indicate only causes which provoked a particular event, situation, crisis, etc. In such a case, you already have results stated in the title of your work. You should express your opinion about this event or encourage readers to decide for themselves whether these reasons provoked certain outcome. You are supposed to use different resources to study the issue but don’t use too general or obvious information in your text – try to work out your original ideas. It is not necessary to agree with all reasons – feel free to argue with ideas that don’t correspond to yours. You just need to convince your readers that your ideas are trustworthy and right.

You can also be asked to illustrate only the results of certain events – a typical task if you have to write a short essay. In the beginning of the work, one important historical situation is mentioned. The whole essay is dedicated to enumerating effects of this particular event and giving evidence to support this theory. Also, it is possible that you will need to indicate a lot of causes which brought about one particular result or many effects which came from a single reason. Be attentive reading your topic and requirements for the assignment!

It’s possible that you won’t be given any topic at all and will need to come up with your own one. It’s advisable to choose the topic which has correlations with your experience – you may write a lot about this topic understanding its peculiarities and meaning for yourself and other people. You can describe historical events, changes which took place recently and which had a great impact on people’s lives. Feel free to narrow the topic if it’s too big or general.

But the main idea is to grab reader’s attention and prove the significance of the issue in question. Throughout the whole writing process keep in mind your purpose – do you write this essay to persuade, inform or warn your readers? This should be a serious, influential historical moment that has various causes and results to write about. To work out such a complex topic from scratch can be complicated but we are ready to provide our assistance. On our Website, we present samples for all possible essay types which every student should deliver in order to achieve academic excellence and great grades!

The most crucial structural characteristics of this essay type are to place all reasons and effects logically and reasonably for the readers to understand all your evidence and reasoning. Useful prompts on how to structure your text include:

  • There are two ways to illustrate reasons and results – block and chain structures. If you list all the causes before the results, it is a block structure; if you enumerate each effect just after the cause, it’s a chain structure. You can use whatever structure suits you best.
  • Connect paragraphs in a logical manner. Your work should have an introduction, the main body, and conclusions. You should show the logical links between different ideas in your text by using transition words to demonstrate these connections.
  • Organize evidence, which you choose to support your ideas. It is possible to include statistics, examples, historical proof, descriptions and even jokes by placing them in a logical and understandable way.
  • Provide interesting and relevant details. Details are crucial if you intend to make your essay expressive. Necessary details can be provided as to the level of importance, categories, and chronological order.

Cause and effect essay demands a lot of work, dedication and analytical skills. If you feel that you can make use of some academic help, our expert team is equipped to deliver efficient and reasonable writing help! Having years of experience and hard work behind our backs, we know how to ease your situation and deliver excellent academic papers. If you need a good and reliable friend, contact our team, and we will support you in every academic challenge!

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