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How to write an essay that can change your destiny.

Admissions to college can be taught. Among all the tasks you should also write an outstanding college essay. It will show the members of the committee what is hiding behind grades, academic achievements and official documents. This essay should be dedicated to your personality, character traits, personal growth, beliefs, and values. This essay is a chance to demonstrate why you are the best applicant and what benefits this college will get by accepting your application. As a rule, you are provided with several prompts according to which your college essay should be written. It should be a well-written, unique story about your personal experience that influenced your life greatly and the impact of which is still noticeable.

To express your personality in the best possible way, your essay is to be written in the format of a thoughtful story. It’s important to write a true, genuine story which is based on your inner feelings. Don’t forget that you are not the only one trying to enter this college. The committee members read such college essays practically on a daily basis. You should catch their eyes with your writing skills, determination, critical thinking and an interesting topic. Write about important issues in your life – events, people, things – that are so memorable that you won’t forget them your whole life. You are free to use expressive language, humor, jokes and other means. This will lighten up your story but don’t overact as you won’t sound serious. Plus pay attention to the requirement in your prompts and describe those features you were asked to write about.

It is a bad tone to include information your readers already know about, like your grades, other academic achievements, extra-curriculum activities, everything they can read in official papers. Your information should be new to them - tell them about something person and meaningful. At the same time demonstrate your positive traits of which you are proud, and that define your personality. Show them how you personality developed. You can describe positive events that promoted your growth but also some obstacles, challenges which made you struggle. By describing this struggle, you will show how you can cope with problems and difficult situations in your life. Another variant is to concentrate on a particular idea which you supported for a long time but after certain events understood that is was a mistake. Don’t be afraid to acknowledge your mistakes as you understood that you weren’t right and managed to improve.

Formatting and structure

Yes, you are supposed to write a creative story, but, this story should have logically divided structure and relevant peculiarities of this type of text. We have prepared short prompts on how to structure this type of essay correctly.

  • How to start. Start your essay with an introduction where you describe the settings of your story, characters who will appear in the story and provide the principal idea of the whole text. But don’t write what this text is all about – your readers should find out at the end. Beginning of your story should be catchy and memorable.
  • How to continue. There should be at least three paragraphs in the main body, each dedicated to another aspect of the story. All parts of information have to de logically connected with the topic and compose one understandable picture.
  • How to end. Conclusions are significant for every story so make them unforgettable – sum up all the ideas you expressed in your story and present to the readers your personal resolution about this subject. Show them what lesson you have learned, knowledge acquired, or issues understood.

If you intend to continue your studies in this college, then you should show your motivation and persistence to the members of the board. With the help of this college essay, you will demonstrate your maturity, interests, eagerness to study, willingness to grow professionally and personally. And if you are in need of a partner, we will provide you with an efficient academic assistance. Our team will work tirelessly to support you with writing recommendations, paper samples and even will even write your paper for you in case of a necessity. You have already found the most loyal, dedicated and dutiful partner to enhance your academic excellence!

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