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How to stand out with your common application essay.

If you are serious about entering a college, then be prepared to write a common application essay as the part of the admission process. College application essays give students the opportunity to communicate their personality, interests, background plus to show their writing, thinking and analytical skills. In this essay, you prove that you are the right person to be chosen from many others. As a rule, you are provided with several prompts on the basis of which your story should develop. This essay shouldn’t focus on your grades or academic success – your personal traits and characteristics are in the middle of attention. Find the golden mean between boasting about your best features and not saying about them at all.

Like many other college applications, students are given a number of topics to select the most suitable one for themselves. Don’t make hasty decisions, read the available variants carefully. Take into consideration your significant achievements, experience, qualities that ought to be displayed to the members of the committee. Among all options choose the topic that will portray you in the finest way and show your passion for the subject in question.

Steps for a perfect common application essay.

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  • Don’t ignore requirements provided for every prompt. While choosing the topic, pay particular attention to understand what you have to write about – share that information about yourself which is demanded by the college. If you are to describe the most influential person in your life, don’t dedicate the whole essay to describing this person. Illustrate what influence and impact this person had on you, your lifestyle or personal growth.
  • Leave out everything general. Concentrate on your own reasoning and ideas about the subject – you are expressing your personal viewpoint in a way that suits you so don’t use generalizations or universal facts too much. Explain why this topic is interesting and what significant role it plays in your life.
  • Show your real feelings. It doesn’t matter if successes or failures are described. Your goal is to prove that you can cope with unsuccessful situations in a proper way and even to learn a lesson from them. Show them that you are not afraid of challenges. Even if you are telling a story about a small incident in your life, produce a convincing work based on your personal experience of this situation. Sometimes the finest and engaging essays are based on a simple conversation between people so no need to write about extraordinary events.
  • A story, not a report. You should write your essay as a meaningful story with all peculiarities of this essay type. Your story has to reveal your interests, personal growth, motivation, attitude to the world and everything else no included in your resume. Don’t just enumerate the facts which you consider significant for your personality – your story should be engaging, expressive, interesting and creative.
  • An addition to other achievements. Your readers don’t know you personally – for them, you are just another name in the list. They have all official papers concerning your studies, academic achievements, grades etc. This is important information but you should add your personal features to all these characteristics to provide a full picture and show them that you have a versatile personality.
  • Pay attention to the length. Most prompts have strict requirements to the number of words needed for this essay. If only the upper limit is provided, don’t worry that your essay is too short. It’s important not to exceed the limit as many colleges can refuse to accept your essay. Be brief and omit unnecessary ideas, details, repetitions and vague evidence.
  • Structural requirements and format. Every essay needs to have a powerful introduction, well-structured content and meaningful conclusions – a good introduction should attract attention to main ideas and “capture” the readers to read the rest of your essay. Arrange your ideas logically, show all aspects of the topic plus provide context for readers to understand your topic and its importance better.
  • Revisions, revisions, revisions. Imagine you have finally finished your essay, congratulations! But don’t hurry to submit it the same second when the last dot was entered. Proofread your work to find careless errors and mistakes that can spoil the impression about your text in general.

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