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Deal with PhD Holders - Buy a Creative Writing Paper from Professionals

In educational institutions, teachers are increasingly turning to creative tasks, intending to show the independence and originality of students' thinking. Creative writing homework causes huge difficulties for many students. That's why the Internet space is full of offers for help from creative agencies specializing in such tasks. On similar sites, you can choose the author, having reviewed characteristics about his/her customs; agree on the payment and the terms of receiving the finished material. As a rule, creative writing samples are offered by companies whose staff is completed by specialists of a narrow humanitarian or technical profile. I.e., customers do not deal with amateurs, but with professional personnel familiar with academic laws, styles and grammar rules.

Nevertheless, it should be taken care when choosing creative writing services. Some of them are aimed solely at earning money that is why they do not pay enough attention to the quality of the text, the relevance of the references used and the accuracy of the citations. Such negligence is fraught with unpleasant consequences, casting a shadow on the reputation of the customer, and even negatively affecting his/her career. Other companies sin with a complete lack of creativity, giving out frank plagiarism for their own opinion. The dispatch of such creative writing assignments means automatic disqualification of the student and accusation of dishonesty.

Buy a Custom Creative Writing Paper: Specificity of Requirements

If you still decide to master the art of creative writing projects, in present days many schools and universities are implementing PhD Creative Writing programs. The training takes place in the format of lectures and practical seminars, with visits to archives and libraries, with the involvement of writers and scholars. The course usually consists of two thematic parts: creative and critical. The first one is to teach the basics and rules to write a creative writing, such as story, essay, script, etc. The second element consists of a critical discussion based on studying diverse concepts and theories that have direct or indirect relation to creative work.

In studies, you first of all will be able to learn the three-act structure of the creative essay. The first part is a traditional introduction, which tunes the reader's attention to a certain vector of thinking. Here you offer a central thesis or arguments that contradict well-known theories. Many experts advise using in own arsenal a so-called “inducing incident,” capable of retaining the reader's interest in your essay. One way is to start with a memory or a picture of everyday life, which will move the reader right into the middle of the action.

For example, you write about the beginning of World War II. Instead of slowly revealing the factors and reasons, you could describe the seizure of Czechoslovakia, citing statistics on the number of dead and quoting reports from the fronts. Then, to go directly to the second part, asking a rhetorical question: “How did thousands of soldiers find themselves in the chaos of the war?” And further, develop your main idea.

The second part contains the main material. You discuss the problem, examine it from different angles, and give evidence, moving to the general conclusion. Such a written monologue allows you to conduct associations related to the topic, which contributes to a deeper development of the issue. Though, if you focus exclusively on academic nuances, the essay could become dry and boring. In order to avoid this, use the details. For example, in an essay on the Greek thinker Socrates, it is worth mentioning the features of his life and death. So, the sophist never writes down his thoughts, believing that the letter kills thinking. Or that Socrates refused to escape from prison, thereby proving the need to obey the law, even if it is biased. Such details can positively affect your essay.

The final part is the conclusion. You sum up all the pros and cons, resolving the dispute by expressing your own opinion by choosing one or the other position. You also have the opportunity to offer an alternative explanation of the evidence that is not consistent with your inference. Using this structure allows the author to focus on the central idea and its proof. The principles of a good creative writing are centered on the ability to connect various events and opinions that demonstrate the cause and effect.

Of course, it cannot unequivocally advocate “for” or “against” appealing to custom creative writing services. On the one hand, stimulating creative thinking is useful in the future. In addition, the independent writing of an essay raises a sense of pride. On the other hand, if a student is really hard, he/she does not have the time or creative predisposition, so it should not break his/her temper. It is enough simply to ask for help from professionals who will do the job competently and on time, and you, in turn, will be able to learn from this example.

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