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Descriptive essay - Learn to express yourself

Let your experience and emotions get you an excellent mark!

If you are a creative person, writing a descriptive essay will be nothing but a pleasure to you! And, yes, your guess is right. In a descriptive essay, your task is to provide a description of something. You can describe whatever you want – person, object, place, sound, emotion or anything else. There are practically no strict rules on how to create this type of essay. You have an artistic independence to include everything into your text if you consider necessary to deliver original, vibrant, extraordinary text that will penetrate into your readers’ hearts! You can’t achieve this effect providing dry facts or statistical data but creating a vivid description to remember.

Just concentrate and pull out the most memorable things from your life that are very interesting to you and which you want to share with others. You should do it in such a way that your reader can feel, smell or even taste your text! Concentrate on human senses as this is the best way to make people imagine your words. Sound, smell, sight, touch and taste are common to all of us and our memory preserves images perceived by these senses. Don’t tell your readers what you want to describe – show them by using expressive language and relevant details to set a mood for a description. If you are describing a person, provide details of their appearance, clothes, and gestures. The choice of style for your descriptive essay is broad and diverse.

Feelings wrapped in words

From the first sight, it sounds easy to do. But keep in mind that you have a particular reason for writing a descriptive essay which you should take into account. When choosing what you want to describe pay attention to demands expressed by the teacher, the aim of your work and features you want to focus on in your essay. After that, think over what physical representations of senses are necessary to express these features and which details will illustrate your emotions better for the readers. A lot of people will find similarities with their own emotions in your description.

No obligatory requirements are imposed on descriptive essays except two – make it creative and well-organized in terms to visualize your topic. Your greatest tool to achieve this aim is your language. Choosing proper expressive words, expressions and grammar constructions will help you to convey your viewpoint to the full extent. Superb instead of good, furious instead of angry, and adore instead of love. Plus it’s advisable to confirm to the golden rule of academic writing – structural clarity. Order the paragraphs effectively and logically to guide your readers through your story smoothly. Dedicate each paragraph to another aspect of your illustration in an attempt to provide coherently connected text.

It may not seem like a problem but writing a creative text with no limits can constitute a problem. Not every student is prepared and ready to provide an academic masterpiece. Our service is at your service if any assistance with descriptive essays is needed. We have experienced experts in our team. They will answer all questions and provide help through every stage of the writing process. Our company possesses a rich database of examples for different essays, term papers and other types of works. If you want to know how to transform your feelings into words, feel free to contact us anytime you want!

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