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In Search of Economics Essay Topics

In Search of Economics Essay Topics

Sometimes, choosing a topic for your paper becomes a real challenge - it's so hard that when you finally make a choice, the writing process already seems so easy. Selecting a topic for a paper in economics is even harder because this discipline is complex itself. The range of things to discuss is quite big, and you can touch many related subjects too.

For example, you can choose to write a paper analyzing historical development of economies of different countries, which means you will need to study history. Or you can address economics from a political angle; that is, analyzing the connection between the economy of a certain country and the political situation there. There are myriads of ideas to develop. However, the best choice is always in the most relevant, urgent, and important topics that will spark interest in people.

Where to Get Ideas From?

  • News.
    Turn on your TV, get a newspaper, or read a newsfeed in your social networks and find out what is going on in the world and in the country. Pay attention to the most recent events that may affect or have already affected the economic situation locally or on a global level. Then, describe and analyze them.
  • Textbooks.
    Your college textbook is an excellent source of topics, and you may not even have to search too much. You can just look at the names of the chapters and take one of them as a title for your essay. However, such a title will probably be quite general. If you want to make it more specific, look at the end of each chapter, and you may find there a list of questions related to the topic discussed. Use these questions to make up your own topic.
  • Sample essays.
    One more way to find a good topic for your economics essay is to look for other essays written within this discipline and use their titles as inspiration.

Good Economics Essays Topics to Start With

Here are a few ideas you can take as a base for making up your own topic:

  1. Why do students need to pay for their college education? Is it eventually really worth it?
  2. How are minimum wages calculated? How do you think it should be calculated?
  3. How do the implemented solutions to the problem of air and water pollution affect the economy?
  4. Do sports and entertainment industries have a positive influence on the US economy?
  5. Economic outcomes of sexual orientation for LGB people
  6. What is the Solow growth model? What are the strong and weak points of this model?
  7. What are the most important economic problems in China that can stop its growth?
  8. Offshore jobs and their influence on economics
  9. Discuss the importance of the foreign exchange market for the world's economic systems.
  10. The causes and effects of falling Dollar
  11. Why do stock markets crash? Choose one significant event and analyze its causes and effects for the stock market?
  12. What in your opinion is the best strategy to promote economic growth?
  13. The economics of competition on Wall Street
  14. The role of labor units on the market
  15. Economic forecasting: Does it work and what are the best methods?
  16. Gambling and its impact on the economy
  17. The economics of war. Is war good or bad for the economic situation in your country?
  18. What are the obstacles for businesses to develop in the USA?
  19. The analysis of Trump's decisions aimed at promoting economic growth
  20. Loaning and its impact on the development of the economy

If you didn't like any of these topics, you can check out our essay samples here, at phdify.com, and hopefully find some inspirational ideas there:

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