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All Essay Types in One Place!

“What types of essays am I going to write in school?”

Aren’t students the busiest people in the world? Yes, they are. Numerous tasks, oral or written, from different disciplines that should be fulfilled immaculately within a certain time limit and that pile is constantly growing. Academic writing can be spotted among these assignments many times. Typically, students are to create various types of essays to demonstrate their abilities to provide logical, structural, original texts on a given topic. Troubles begin at this point. Diverse types of essays have different requirements so it can be complicated to deliver a proper paper in regard to all rules. We are prepared to lend you a helping hand in explaining what types of essays exist and what peculiarities should be taken into consideration for every type.

Four principal essay types

To differentiate essay types just define the aim of writing, what result you want to provide and what impact you want to achieve. Do you need to describe a person, an object, convince the reader to accept an idea or share your experience? After determining your purpose, the process will accelerate. When you are aware of essay’s objectives, feel free to choose between four key essay types as they depend on author’s aim:

Persuasive essay. Convince an audience.

You must have talked people into accepting your ideas or doing something at least once in your life – now do the same but on paper. The goal of this essay is to convince people to trust you and agree with your ideas. Your persuasion should be founded on logical assumptions, solid facts and trustworthy evidence with relevant examples to illustrate your point of view. You may also include quotations of professionals in a given discipline if it’s connected to the topic. Put aside your feelings to provide mere facts and objective reasoning.

Descriptive essay. Draw a picture but with words.

The purpose of this essay is to provide a description of whatever you like. It should be expressive, creative and interesting to read. You can describe a person, place, emotion, situation or memory that means a lot to you. You have a carte blanche in this situation as it is allowed to use all means necessary to create a positive impact on readers. Try using vibrant language and relevant details to set an atmosphere for a memorable essay which evokes feelings in readers’ hearts.

Expository essay. By facts alone.

This type of essay is given to check whether a student is able to conduct thorough, unbiased analysis of the subject based on trustworthy evidence. The key to understanding is hidden in the name of the essay. “To expose” means to explain, reveal and clarify something. This essay type is a big friend of persuasive one so be impartial, objective and logical. Forget about your experience, feelings, attitude and other subjective issues – be objective in using facts, evidence and reasonable arguments to clear up the topic.

Narrative essay. Tell a story.

If you have ever dreamt of being a writer, then go ahead! This type of essay will help you to achieve your dream. You have the opportunity to share your experience, feelings, emotions, fears to tell others about yourself. Any topic is available but it has to be analyzed from your own perspective. It’s advisable not to forget about the typical structure of a story so your readers will perceive it as a coherent united piece of information. Creativity and good structure are two cornerstones of this essay.

Other types of essays

Scholarship essays

Admission essays

Application essays

Personal essays

Opinion essays

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