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Expository essays and its objectives

If you have visited our page, this suggests that one of the assignments given in school was to create an expository essay but it’s complicated to get what should be done. Have you ever struggle to explain an issue to a person and make it understandable? The name of this essay actually gives you a clue – your task is to “expose” the issue, clarify and simplify it so that your readers can grasp the meaning of your words. Provided explanation has to be logical and deprived of any subjective connotations. You can’t include your feelings, thoughts or attitude towards the issue. The principal aim of this paper is to provide thorough, impartial analysis based on rational, solid evidence. And the most significant – your essay has to be interesting!

Expository essays are included in secondary and high school curriculum, so it’s necessary to learn how to write all types of these essays. You should be able to define certain terms or concepts, to compare two issues, to differentiate the cause of an issue and its results, to constitute a problem and its solution and to provide instructions on how to conduct various processes.

Structural peculiarities of persuasive essays.

Every academic paper requires a clear structure of its material. If your task is to provide an expository essay or any other type of essay, a five-paragraph method will be of extreme use. This method is helpful if you lack experience in writing academic papers or don’t know how to start. According to this technique, every essay can be subdivided into five paragraphs:

  • Introduction. Dedicate the first paragraph to your aim. It is to be fully understandable what you are going to write about from the very beginning. Moreover, it is necessary to provide your thesis statement in this paragraph for readers to understand what is investigated in this work. This statement should be simple, laconic and narrow. Take some time and think over your thesis statement as it defines whether or not your essay will be accepted by the readers.
  • The Main body consists of three paragraphs. Use one argument in favor of your thesis statement in every passage and your topic will be explained thoroughly. Facts, evidence and statistics are allowed to be used but only if they are connected with your thesis statement. It’s advisable to use appropriate examples to illustrate your theory. Additionally, you may include counterarguments and demonstrate that you are fully aware of pros and cons of the issue in question. If you have to write a bigger essay, the number of paragraphs may vary. You can have more of them if needed. But these paragraphs should be connected with your thesis in a logical way which guarantees your readers will follow your arguments.
  • Conclusions. The last paragraph is used to sum up all convincing information mentioned before in the essay and reevaluate the issue taking into consideration evidence from the main body. Conclusions are never used to bring in new ideas into the text. If you have new relevant facts to add to your paper, include them in the main body.

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