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The best topics to choose from!

“What to write in an informative essay?”

Your new assignment is to write an informative essay, isn’t it? If you have a necessary topic, then you have already fulfilled half of your task. Informative essays are among the most comfortable essays to write. You don’t have to prove any ideas, convince people to believe in certain things or provide a solution for pressing matters. Your task is simply to give information about a particular subject. But the key is to share information, often complicated, in a creative, simple and exciting manner. Imagine yourself a teacher who is going to have a lesson! Plus be careful with the purpose of your work – demonstrate strong and weak sides of the subject, explain results of particular events, etc.

If the topic wasn’t provided to you, then you have no other choice but to select one yourself. It can sound like a tough and boring issue, but we have prepared a couple of prompts to help you out. Begin with defining what categories and subjects are the most interesting to you – it’s hard to write about something that you are not indifferent of. Choose contemporary and solid topics that play some role, positive or negative, in your community or country. Don’t choose generalized or narrow topic – you either will have to write too much information or too little.

After selecting the subject, dedicate some time to the preparation of arguments which later have to be supported with relevant details, facts, quotations, statistics, etc. Use a variety of sources for the evidence yet make sure that they are reliable. But be careful with requirements for your essay – length, structure, format, objectives. Your essay has to be written in a logical and coherent way for readers to easily understand it.

List of various topics to give you a boost!

In case you can’t choose the topic yourself and just keep staring at your screen, we have elaborated the list of suitable topics you can use. Consider it to be “draft” topics on the basis of which you will be able to create your own unique one. Among numerous categories, the most widely used four were chosen – health, education, communication and family life, environment. Help yourself and find the most convenient topic for yourself!


  1. What procrastination is and why do so many people suffer from it?
  2. How to cope with depression?
  3. Benefits of being a vegetarian.
  4. Caffeine addiction – is that a real problem?
  5. The reasons for insomnia.
  6. How fast food destroys our bodies.
  7. Why you should eat only dark chocolate?
  8. Tow to reduce obesity rates?
  9. Toxins in our food we don’t even know about.
  10. Advantages of regular exercising.


  1. Does our education provide theoretical or practical knowledge?
  2. The importance of discipline in schools.
  3. How can proper education help to build a successful career?
  4. Are test the best indication of pupil’s knowledge?
  5. What mental effort does creative academic writing demand?
  6. Visual and auditory learners.
  7. The importance of languages in education.
  8. How education helps to fight poverty.
  9. Does your school prepare you for a real life?
  10. How to survive during freshman year.

Communication and family

  1. Verbal and non-verbal communication.
  2. How to improve conversation skills?
  3. How to persuade people?
  4. The impact of a smile.
  5. Neural-linguistic programming: myth and truth.
  6. What is it significant to communicate with parents?
  7. Foster families: pros and cons.
  8. Why is it necessary to have a full family?
  9. How can divorce influence the children?
  10. How to fight domestic violence.


  1. Causes and effects of global warming.
  2. Why do we need a healthy environment?
  3. The problem of garbage in the world.
  4. Benefits of recycling clothes and plastic.
  5. How to promote the reduction of consumerism.
  6. Does organic always mean better?
  7. How can we preserve our nature?
  8. Are we going to lose our forests?
  9. In what way does meat industry threaten the environment?
  10. Consequences of water pollution.

We encourage you to alter these topics as you please – these are samples you can use to give yourself a “kick” in what direction to move. If you need more writing help, don’t be shy and contact our specialist. As a professional writing service, our company provides efficient writing assistance constantly, 7 days a week, and is sure to support you with every academic paper in need! Your original, creative, affordable informative essay is waiting for you!

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