Home Macroeconomics Essay Guide: Writing Tips and Topic Ideas

Macroeconomics Essay Guide: Writing Tips and Topic Ideas

Best Topics for Your Macroeconomics Essay

In today's world, macroeconomics is a rather interesting field to study. If it's one of your majors, you are probably required to write macroeconomics essays quite often. But even if you truly like this subject and are genuinely motivated to research it, you won't be able to write a paper in one night.

Economies of different countries are complicated and quite unstable, which means you always need much time to research a particular issue. Another thing you always need is the ability to analyze and think critically. Your professors will expect you to submit a clearly organized essay that depending on its type, uncovers all the sides of the topic, gives answers to all questions or suggests solutions to common problems.

When it's time to write your essay and earn a high grade, you will want to demonstrate the best of you - your understanding of the topic and the whole course, your analytical skills, and your personal opinions. Your professors may expect to see not only that you have absorbed all the information you were given in class but also that you are able to apply the knowledge in an individual assignment and later - in real life. If that's what you want to show them, you will need a good topic for a start.

What Does a Good Topic Mean?

First of all, good means interesting; not only for you but also for your professor. You may doubt that he or she actually cares, but the fact is there's really a great number of papers professors have to grade, especially by the end of a term. You may choose a simple topic, which doesn't spark much interest, do a great job researching it, and even organize the piece of writing properly. But the impression will be poor because the topic is too boring or have been already discussed multiple times. So, keep your professor's interest in mind, as he or she is your first (and maybe the only) reader.

Furthermore, if you aim at getting a high grade, you need to check if there is enough information about the issue you are going to discuss before you actually start doing it. Don't go for a minor problem or a question that already has an answer. To tell the truth, if you really want to write about a common subject that has been resolved, you can do that, but you'd better try to look at the problem from a new perspective. Who knows, you may find a new solution.

There are some good sources of inspiration you can easily find: Wall Street Journal, online periodical issues on economics, the news, etc. Phdify.com has also gathered some good macroeconomics topic ideas for you to get inspired. These are more general, but you can always add a real personal angle to the one you choose.

Interesting Macroeconomics Essay Topics

  • Why and how have credit cards become so popular?
  • What is the reason Walmart offers low wages and how does it influence the country's economy?
  • How does the war affect the economy?
  • How does franchising affect the economy?
  • What makes the rich so influential for the economy?
  • What does economic growth mean? Analyze how the economic situation in the country would look in times of economic growth.
  • What does contribute to economic growth in the long run?
  • Define inflation and its effects on a country.
  • Exchange rates: What are the effects and consequences of a falling Dollar in the world, especially in the third world countries?
  • Should the US government aim at ensuring all citizens are employed?
  • What were the causes and effects of Wall Street Crash in 1929?
  • Should the USA consider China as a threat?
  • The effects of marijuana legalization on both local and overall US economies.
  • Is freelancing good for the economy? Does the country need to create better conditions for freelancers?
  • Why do some countries remain poor, while others develop fast?

If you still haven't found a topic you like, you can address our experts at phdify.com for advice on a macroeconomics essay. We can help you with the whole paper or only some part of it; we can help you find a topic basing on your individual requirements; we can help you with formatting and grammar. Also, you are welcome to check out our sample essays on macroeconomics and on a huge variety of other disciplines.

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