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Opinion Essays Writing Guide and Topics

Opinion Essays: How to Write Them?

Obviously, opinion essays are assigned with a purpose to give you an opportunity to express your opinion. Some students really enjoy this type of essay writing because it allows them to be themselves, share their personal thoughts and experiences. Still, an opinion essay is an academic paper, which means you can't just write the first thing that came to your mind. Your point of view should be based on a prior research of the topic.

Now, as for the topic, making a choice concerning the point for a discussion in a paper is quite difficult because the range is very wide. Starting with social problems and up to philosophical questions, you can choose whatever you feel genuinely interested about. Why is your personal interest important? Because it makes everything easier. You will enjoy the writing process much more if you like the topic and already have some idea about it.

Finding Opinion Essay Samples

Getting an opinion essay example before you start writing is crucial if you have never faced with similar tasks or if you are not good at essay writing at all. Actually, you are surrounded by opinions every day. However, being an academic assignment, an essay has certain requirements to be followed on paper.

You can search for some articles in periodicals, newspapers, and journals. Another source of opinion essay samples is your local library where student papers are stored. You can even find examples online without leaving your room - phdify.com is one of the best collections of essays on a huge variety of topics. Besides, you can always ask our experts to help you with your homework online.

Once you get a sample, pay attention to the author's way of expressing his or her thoughts and attitudes towards the main issues to be discussed. You will realize that the key is to be able to stay within a formal style. You may not only share your standpoint but also explain how come you have it when you have changed your opinion, what influenced its formation, why you think it's the right one, etc.

When you get an idea of the writing style by studying some examples, you can get down to selecting a topic. Hopefully, the list below will help you there.

Vivid Opinion Essay Topics to Start With

  • If you could change something about yourself without any effort, what would it be and why?
  • Does having a smartphone help you or does it only waste your time?
  • Is it really an indicator of a fool if a person doesn't know grammar well?
  • Do we need to prohibit smoking completely, or do we need to learn to respect smoker's rights more?
  • What do you think about modern art? Is it something valuable, or is it just a way for people to make money in today's world?
  • Would you prefer to buy your own house or business? Why?
  • How do a nation and a country present itself through the movies it makes? Please explain your point of view using one of the movies you have watched recently as an example.
  • Is it okay to have a close relationship with your cat or dog?
  • Share your image of a good parent and explain why some parents treat their children as friends, while others - as enemies?
  • How would you describe the main differences between your generation and the generation of your parents? What do you think your children's generation will look like?
  • Why music is so important to so many people and what role does music play personally for you?
  • What are the things you are most grateful for and why do you feel grateful for them?
  • Would you prefer to be a member of an effective team or to be a leader of one?
  • Is it true that there's nothing that the young generation can teach the older generation today?
  • Is it better to hold onto your past and try to fix things than to look forward to something new and give up things that are broken?

When choosing a topic for an opinion essay, you should bring in some controversy. If you feel you can argue about it with others, it's a sign of an excellent topic. You can choose something vivid that makes people step into a passionate discussion, but make sure to pick an opinion and stick to it throughout the discussion. In this type of essay, you are not supposed to give pure comparisons or find positive things about both sides of the matter.

If you don't feel like you can compose an essay well enough to earn a high grade, you can ask our writers at phdify.com. We can work with whatever topic you will choose.

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