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Prompts to deliver the finest personal essay!

Have you ever been asked to share a story from your life, a vital moment or valuable experience? Well, you already know what to do with a personal essay. It is an ordinary task included in the application process in college or other events in an academic life. This type of essay helps students to analyze their experience and emotions. They should describe their personality to the readers. The principal goal of this essay is to show student’s qualities, traits of character to the members of the committee who don’t know them personally. Basising of this essay, they will decide whether this student is an acceptable candidate or not. Your essay should be original, expressive and, the most crucially, interesting to read to stand you out from other applicants!

“What personal information should I include in my essay?”

To provide a good personal essay, you should include your personal experience, emotions, feelings, fears that have played a significant role in your life or taught you a lesson. You can write about big or small positive issues that influenced your life in a certain way due to which your whole outlook had changed. Describe what serious consequences this event had and meaningful lessons they taught you. It’s possible to write about certain negative moments and feelings that were the turning point in your life. Failures, fears, and other negative issues can have the same crucial meaning in person’s life – they can trigger a tremendous emotional response. They provoke developments in character, lifestyle, and habits. If you need any assistance with choosing a suitable topic, our service can boast of various sample topics for numerous essays, which you can find on our Website!

Try to express your thoughts honestly on matters that are of primary importance to you plus which you will always remember. But it is essential to prove that your personal experience has a deeper meaning and is the part of something bigger – some universal pattern common to all people. Your essay should have a purpose - it can’t be just a good story as in this case it won’t make any sense. Things, events, people had an impact on your life. Demonstrate how these effects made you a better person. Don’t include “dry” official information in your essay which can be known from your official papers. Write about something unique in a personal way to show your attitude towards this event, how you managed to cope with changes and how you learned to live with the consequences. Remember that you are creating this essay not to prove an issue. You are sharing your inner world for people to understand who you are through this text.

“What about structural requirements?”

Your essay should be creative and appealing, but at the same time, it has to preserve relevant structure and format. There is a standard on how to start, how to end and how to write your essay. It has been proven that five-paragraph method is one of the most suitable – you should start your text with an engaging introduction that will attract readers’ attention. Introduce main characters, settings and the topic of the essay. Don’t expose the purpose of the whole essay in the first paragraph - make your readers to read all paragraphs of the essay to get its meaning and principal ideas. After that, you are supposed to introduce your thesis statement in the main body.

The principal part consists of three paragraphs, but you can make as many of them as you need to express your topic. Use vivid language, expressive language devices, lively details to make your essay “alive” and interesting. As this is a story, feel free to write in a conversational tone and from the first person. Characters, plot, settings, dialogues, etc. –the elements that constitute a proper story – may be used to make your story detailed and thorough. Dedicate the last part of your personal essay to summarize everything that was said before and deduce the major idea of the text. Consider this essay written in a proper manner, if after reading the paper, you have answers to the 5-Ws: Who? What? When? Where? Why?

To create a decent personal essay you should dedicate a lot of time and efforts to this assignment – if you lack time, desire, possibility to write this essay, you can get in touch with our specialists to receive timely writing assistance. Being the experts in this field, we provide samples of different academic papers plus we are fully prepared to create a unique, professional paper specifically for you! Your academic achievements are waiting to be chosen

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