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Persuasive essay – Persuade your audience

The essence of a persuasive essay.

Imagine yourself standing in court and defending your ideas in front of a jury. You should stick to your point but at the same time express why you are for or against this particular issue. Good defense requires the strongest arguments to convince the jury to accept your opinion. Writing a persuasive essay means the same yet on paper. The aim of a persuasive essay is to persuade your audience to believe you. Your persuasion is supposed to be based on logical and verified assumptions, solid evidence of your thought, trustworthy facts, proving examples and quotations of experts in this field.

Stages for delivering a decent persuasive essay.

To provide such an essay, every student is to do a thorough research, fully understand both the defenders and opponents – it is necessary to demonstrate why your opinion is correct while an opposite one is not. To write a proper persuasive essay, your writing process has to include certain stages. These steps are necessary if you intend to deliver a decent essay.

  • First of all, pick an issue and decide on which side you are. This can be any topic of interest to you so try choosing something you are really into as it’s hard to write about an indifferent topic. But your audience should clearly understand why you support or oppose this subject. Moreover, you should come up with a suitable solution to the issue in question.
  • - Secondly, you should understand those people who will read your essay so pay attention to your audience’s beliefs and try to anticipate its reaction on different arguments you present.
  • Next stage is the most time-consuming and responsible – you are to conduct a full-scale research in favor of your ideas. Your biggest friend, in such situation, is evidence and dependable sources of information. Always stick to logical facts when proving your opinion. These facts should be solid and taken from sources with an impeccable reputation. It is important to cite used sources in case anyone wants to check whether or not a thorough research was carried out. Spend some time in the library or on the Internet to demonstrate your dedication. If you can find useful quotes connected with your topic, which can give more weight to your words, do not hesitate to use them if they belong to professionals in the field. A big advantage will be if you include statistical data showing that you are aware of other studies of this subject and take them into account.
  • And don’t forget about style, structure and format requirements. Your essay should be interesting to read starting from the first paragraph so start your paper with a memorable fact, evidence or quotation that will draw readers’ attention. But it is even more important to end your essay correctly. The last paragraph should summarize all the evidence from your work, generalize them and explain why your way of looking at it is beneficial.
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