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Numerous topics for multiple problems!

We know to make your problem solution essay outstanding.

No one can deny that our world isn’t ideal and there are a lot of problems in almost every sphere of our life. But people are constantly looking for solutions to eliminate imperfections. Problem solution essay deals with different problematic issues in order to provide suitable solutions for a particular situation. If you are provided with the topic for your essay, then you already have the problem which should be solved in your essay. Your essay has two primary goals – to convince the readers that the problem exists and provide solutions to resolve this problem.

When thinking about the most plausible topic, take into consideration whether or not this problem has a clear solution. The finest solutions are effective, don’t cost a fortune and are easily implemented. Convince your readers that the issue in question is complicated, problematic and yet it’s possible to fix it by making necessary efforts. Show them how your solutions can be applied, how much time it can take and what benefits it will bring. It’s advisable to explain why this issue should be resolved – show how these problems affect you personally and other people proving evidence and facts.

List of effective topics

You can describe numerous problems in your essay. But if it is difficult for you to come up with profound topic yourself, we have prepared a list of the most widespread problem solution topics. They are divided into four categories – modern life, education, health, and communication – but you can find a topic for this type of essay in every life situation. You may use them to heat up your imagination.

Modern life

1. What are the ways to make your city more pedestrian-friendly?

2. Why are optimists more successful than pessimists?

3. Will the technology-free days reduce the level of stress?

4. If you want to be happy, try becoming a volunteer.

5. If you want to breathe fresh air, try commuting to work on bicycle.

6. How can freelance jobs reduce the level of unemployment among the youth?

7. How can we help homeless people in our country?

8. How can our smartphones help us to keep in shape?

9. What are the benefits of sustainable fashion?

10. How to preserve a positive attitude if you work Monday through Friday?


1. How can music enhance academic excellence?

2. How to encourage students to study more and earn better grades?

3. What is the finest way for a student to balance their studies and social life?

4. What impacts can innovative devices make if included into class studies?

5. How to make education more affordable?

6. What actions should be performed to stop bullying in schools?

7. What advantages can online school courses have for students who want to study flexible hours?

8. How to enhance studying process for those pupils who have troubles in school?

9. What are the best methods to handle cheating in schools?

10. School uniforms: should dress code still be used in schools?


1. How can a healthy lifestyle reduce depression?

2. If you want to boost your mood, spend some time outdoors.

3. Why are so many people suffering from obesity these days?

4. GM foods: drawbacks and precautions.

5. Teenagers suffering from bulimia: stop retouched photography.

6. What impact will the ban on tobacco ads have on the lung cancer rates?

7. What can an average person do at home to avoid visiting a doctor too much?

8. In what way can our pets help us stay healthy?

9. What makes health insurance so expensive and what can be done to reduce the cost?

10. How to eliminate cancer-causing toxins in our food?


1. How does face-to-face communication change due to texting?

2. How to end relationships that make you miserable?

3. How not to become a victim of stereotypes?

4. What should we do to break barriers between different social groups?

5. Why does spending time with your family make your life purposeful and happy?

6. Why do children need to socialize with their peers from early childhood?

7. In what way can social media solve the problem of teens’ isolation?

8. How can a family picnic in the park help with solving communication problems?

9. How to solve conflicts and disagreements in a peaceful way?

10. Communication between senior parents and adult children: how to avoid misunderstanding?

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