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The essence of the proposal essay.

Being a student involves creating a bunch of various essays during an academic career – descriptive, informative, argumentative, expository, narrative and many others. You have already nailed some of these essay types while others are waiting to be written. Now you have a new assignment to create a proposal essay – you can be having cold feet thinking that you don’t know what you should write. Here, in PhDify.com, we have prepared a lot of prompts, examples, samples and recommendations for you to deliver a decent proposal essay. In case, you need additional assistance with any academic paper, our service is available 24/7!

“So in what way should this proposal essay be written anyway?” That’s the right question! The principal objectives of this essay type are to pick up an important issue, identify what’s wrong with an issue in question plus suggest the greatest possible variant of solving this problem. This type corresponds to argumentative essay though requires more studies and different formatting. The key notion of this text is your proposal of a solution. It requires time, thorough research and comprehensible analysis to define this problem.

This issue should be manageable and supported by logical reasoning and facts so it is better to focus on smaller issues of local character that you can know well and show your level of expertise. Narrow your subject in order to propose a viable solution. Be ready to spend quite long hours formulating the arguments and persuading the readers that they are solid, trustworthy, applicable and worth their attention. This will be an advantage if the benefits of this solution are shown to the readers plus you can persuade them that they will overweight the costs.

All you need is a coherent structure.

Format requirements are to be taken into consideration while creating this type of essay. Being similar to argumentative and expository essays, you can use the 5-paragraph method while writing the proposal essay. On our Website, you can find tons of practical tips about other essay types and their peculiarities.

To make your essay understandable and clear, a logical structural division is needed. You can make use of the next one:

- The introductory part. In this part bring in the idea of your essay, necessary proposal, and define the problem to the readers – they should understand why this topic is crucial – that will be your thesis statement. If this problem has a recurring character, you can demonstrate its history and development. Express your thoughts logically yet vividly to draw reader’s attention from the very beginning.

- The main body. Typically, essay’s main body is composed of three paragraphs but you can have more of them if there are more respective ideas to be described. In these paragraphs, you have to convince your readers that the proposal indicated in the introduction is of primary importance plus needs to be resolved. Demonstrate them the process of implementation of a practical solution by using relevant facts, statistics, details that can help to perceive the whole picture. Also, evidence has to clarify the problem. They can be based on your experience, or these can be real cases taken from reliable sources. Feel free to use opposing arguments in order to show the viewpoints of the antagonistic “camp.”

- Conclusions. Try to foresee the results of solution’s implementation, their pros and cons, plus show your attitude to the subject. Summarize those ideas stated before in the main body and highlight the consequences of your solution clearly, so that the readers can understand what issue they are supposed to support.

Proposal essay can be a hard nut to crack. But if you possess time and determination, if you are ready to penetrate deeply into the issue, analyze data, search substantial evidence and propose reliable solutions, then you will be able to create a masterpiece! In case you have difficulties with your proposal essay or you are not sure of your analytical skills, our company will provide you with the most dependable writing help on the Internet.

Our company has a lot to offer. Having a lot of experience and constant academic growth, we represent the leading authority in this industry. We are familiar with all types of academic papers. All members of our team are masters in their fields prepared to deliver an impeccable outcome at short notice. So if the support of any kind is needed, contact our specialists, and we will make your life easier!

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