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Sports Essay Topics That Will Get You an 'A'

Choosing a topic is an important step before the writing stage comes because no matter what a gifted writer you are, your skills won't help you create a masterpiece on a bad topic. When you don't know what to write about and discuss in your paper, you won't even be able to start. So, you should treat this seriously.

Well, if you have come across this page, it means you're looking for topic ideas, which already shows your serious attitude. We have compiled a list of excellent topics related to sports. You can skim the page down and check them all out below if you're in a hurry. However, if you do have some time, we invite you to get acquainted with a few writing recommendations from our experts that will be helpful during the writing process.

Short Writing Guide

Most topics you can make up when thinking about sports will be based on the need to persuade and convince the reader. So, some tips on writing a persuasive, argumentative essay will come in handy:

  • Remember the brief formula. That is, choose a position, give arguments to support it, and stick to the typical structure. If your essay type is argumentative or persuasive, you have to pick one side of the problem and defend your position. You can't present pros and cons of each. Providing some background information and facts to back up your reasoning is important too. And without proper organization, your writing will look inconsistent. So, follow this formula, and it will lead you to success.
  • Know when you should be objective and when you can let some personal thoughts sneak in. It's often hard to identify when you're required to prove your standpoint and when you only have to present facts and interpret them. If you have troubles there, you can always ask your professor to explain what is expected of you in a particular task.

Topic Ideas You Should Consider

  1. Agree or disagree with the common stereotype saying that college athletes can't be smart. Explain your opinion.
  2. Cheerleading can be considered a sport and should be treated as such.
  3. Should sports be an obligatory course in all colleges? Why?
  4. Should college sportsmen be paid for playing?
  5. Is it a good idea for the government to ban all extreme activities?
  6. Discuss the impact of major sports events on the country's economy.
  7. Should we consider online games a sports activity?
  8. The role of coaching in sports. What are the qualities that a good sportsman need to have in order to become a good coach?
  9. Agree or disagree with the statement: "Male and female athletes playing the same sports must receive equal salaries."
  10. Should the government prohibit using steroids? Why or why not?
  11. Does sport unite people around the world, or is it just another subject for conflicts?
  12. How sports affect global culture.
  13. Should famous sportsmen be set as icons and examples to follow for kids?
  14. How does going in for sports influence personal life of an individual?
  15. Animal sports: Should we ban them or enjoy them?
  16. Do you agree that Michael Jordan is the best player in basketball of all times?
  17. Should we cultivate the love for sports in children?
  18. How does hosting the World Cup affects the country that hosts it?
  19. Discuss the sports activities that don't fall under a typical concept of sport and are often not considered sports (e.g. chess, poker, cheerleading, etc.)
  20. Should colleges free students who are engaged in sports activities from some classes because of the matches and preparation to them?

Have you chosen one of these ideas, or have you got inspired by any? If not, we offer you to seek for more ideas in our database of free essay samples here, at phdify.com:

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