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How to Write an Informative UK History Essay

UK History Essay

Any essay requires a student to respond to a certain question, issue, or topic. History essays are common college assignments as they can show the students’ level of knowledge, their interpretation skills, their ability to analyze, plan, research, and express their thoughts in writing.

UK history is rich and full of interesting topics. Battles, peace offerings, wars, triumphs, and defeats can be discussed in a history essay. But many students don’t know how to start their paper, how to cite the sources properly, how to find relevant information, or how to end an essay with a suitable conclusion. Choosing among the variety of topics is another difficulty some students might face.

We are here to help you deal with those difficulties, as we have gathered only the best UK history topics. Pick a suitable topic and write an essay worthy of the highest grade.

Secrets of Good Essay Writing

First of all, remember: history essays are not about you giving the correct answer to the question but about showing that you understand the problems your essay raises. You need to analyze that question, give it a lot of thought, and figure out what you are asked to do. It’s useful to circle the keywords in the question as they might help you build your answer.

A proper research is crucial because you need to be familiar with the problem in order to analyze and explain it. Collect all the information you need, make notes, and don’t forget to write down the bibliographical notes as you’re going to need them when making the footnotes in your essay.

Writing a draft is another important step. Start with the introduction and show how you are going to answer the question. It’s a place in the text where you should present your argument, give an overview of your paper, and describe the proof or evidence material you are going to provide.

The body of the history essay should be divided into paragraphs so that the readers could apprehend the information easily. Express your opinion, but don’t forget to add some supporting evidence. You can use phrases like “This is illustrated by...” or “For instance...” It’s okay to quote other authors, but make sure that you don’t do that too much. After all, this is your paper and your understanding of the issue.

The conclusion should logically follow the statements you’ve made in the main part. Don’t write about the points you’ve rejected and concentrate on the main thought you’ve expressed in your history essay.

Revising and editing your text is a very important step, which students sometimes forget or don’t want to spend their time on. Re-reading your paper will allow you to see the final result and what the paper lacks. You can think of the better ways to express your thoughts, format the text, or add some new examples. Final grammar, punctuation, and spelling edits will ensure your paper is flawless.

UK History Essay Topics for an Excellent Grade

There are so many interesting topics about UK history that it’s almost impossible to narrow them down. So many interesting events have happened in the past and formed the image of the modern-day United Kingdom!

Students often feel confused by the number of subjects and events they can talk about. Let’s look at the most interesting ones:

  • Daily life during the Wars of the Roses;
  • The occupation of France in 1815-1818;
  • The legacy of the Celts in Britain;
  • Life for women in 1500s;
  • British attitude to the Second World War;
  • The reign of Elizabeth I and the “golden age”;
  • What changed in British education system during World War II;
  • The Suffrage Movement in the UK;
  • Why Britain lost its status as a world power;
  • What events were important in creating Scottish nationhood;
  • What impact sea voyages had on Britain in the 16th and 17th centuries;
  • The Industrial revolution and the changes it had caused.

In case those are not enough, you can check the list of UK history topics created by us specifically for college students. There are many essay samples and examples, which might inspire you and help you understand how you should compose your essay.

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